Online Resources 2019 - 2020

We already subscribe to:

TT Rock Stars: click here for multiplication.

LinguaFun: click here for French, Spanish and Italian.


Sites offering free access:

Twinkl: click here for many subjects, all ages.

White Rose: click here for specific maths, many subjects, all ages.

Purple Mash:  click here for for many subjects, all ages.

Emile Education: click here for many subjects, all ages.

Vooks: click here for streaming storybooks.


Other useful sites:

TTS Packs: click here for many subjects, all ages.

Teach Starter: click here for for many subjects, all ages.

Classroom Secrets: click here for for many subjects, all ages.

BBC Bitesize: click here for many subjects, all ages.

Nrich: click here for Maths, many subjects, all ages.

Maths Shed: click here for Maths, all ages.

Literacy Shed: click here for English, all ages.

Robin Hood Mats: click here for learning projects, all ages.

Pick a Tale: click here for Stories, all ages.

Deepening Understanding: click here for many subjects, all ages.

Muddy Puddle: click here for outdoor learning, all ages.

Top Marks Maths: click here for Maths games, all ages.

Read Theory: click here for Comprehension, all ages.

My Mini Maths: click here for Maths games, all ages.

Tynker: click here for Computer coding, age 5+.

123 Home School: click here for many subjects, all ages.

3P Learning: click here for main subjects, all ages.

Maths Score: click here for Maths Facts, all ages.

Active History: click here for History, all ages.

All Kids Network: click here for (all areas, all ages)

Master the Curriculum: click here for (Maths, all ages)

Bamboo Education: click here for (Alexa skills, all ages)

Bark: click here for (Online safety, all ages)

Bedtime Maths: click here for (Maths, all ages)  

Beeline Reader: click here for (Reading, all ages)  

Big History Project: click here for (History, all ages) 

Brave Writer: click here for (Writing, all ages)  

Classroom Cereal: click here for (Grammar, all ages)  

Classroom Secrets: click here for (all areas, all ages)  

Common Lit: click here for (Reading, all ages)  

Conjuguemos: click here for (MFL, Juniors)

Dream Box: click here for learning (Maths, all ages)  

Dream Scape: click here for (Reading, all ages)  

Duolingo: click here for (MFL, all ages)  

Dyslexia Academy: click here for (Dyslexia support, all ages) 

Epic: click here for (Reading, all ages)  

Everyday Earth: click here for (Geography, all ages)  

Fluency Matters: click here for (Maths, all ages)  

Geopolaris: click here for (Geography, all ages)  

Little Twisters: click here for (Yoga, all ages)  

Brainbox: click here for games (All areas, all ages)  

Mindful Poetry: click here for (Poetry, all ages)  

Mystery Science: click here for (Science, all ages)  

Num Bots: click here for (Maths games, all ages)  

Phet: click here for (Science, all ages)  

Phonics Hero: click here for (Phonics, infants)  

Prodigy: click here for (Maths games, all ages)  

Read Works: click here for (Comprehension, all ages)  

Scholastic: click here for (Learning packs, all ages) 

Spelling City: click here for (Spelling, all ages)  

Story board: click here for (Story Creation, all ages)

Stories online: click here for (Stories, all ages)

The Good and the Beautiful: click here for (all areas, all ages)  

Unit for Literacy: click here for (Comprehension, all ages)  

Writing Legends: click here for (Writing, all ages)  

Wonderopolis: click here for (all areas, all ages)  

Silly School Trips: click here for (Writing competition, 5-7 years)  

Oxford Owls: click here for (all areas, all ages)



Khan Academy: click here for (all areas, infants)  

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