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Role Type Name Start date End date
Chair Foundation Mr Jimmy McNamee 16/01/17 15/01/21
Headteacher   Mrs Debby Rigby Ex Officio Ex Officio
  Foundation Ms Helen Tierney 01/09/18 31/08/22
  Foundation Ms Mary Wilson 01/09/18 31/08/22
  Foundation Pat Peel 01/12/18 31/11/22
Vice Chair Foundation Mr David Forshaw 02/05/17 01/05/21
  Foundation Mr Peter Chapman 01/12/18 31/11/22
  Parent Leanne Campbell 01/12/18 31/11/22
  Parent Mr Daniel McGarvey 01/12/18 31/11/22
  Foundation Mr Neil Ryan 1/09/19 31/08/23
  Staff Teacher  Ms Clare Chippendale  15/10/15 14/10/23
  LA Ms Rachel Lomax 10/10/17 09/10/21


Clerk  to the Governors    Mrs P Barnes, Atlas House, Corporation Street, St Helens, WA9 1LD

What is needed

• A strong commitment to the role and to improving outcomes for children.

• Inquisitiveness, to question, analyse and offer support.

• Good inter-personal skills.

• Sufficient numeracy skills to understand basic data.

• Ability and willingness to learn and develop new skills.


What is involved

• The role requires you to spend a reasonable amount of time on it. As well as attending meetings, you will need to spend sufficient time to understand the role, the concepts and education policy in the UK.

• You will attend two governing body meetings a term for two to three hours

• You will sit on one or two committees of the governing body which look at specific areas and which meet once or twice a term.

• You will need to be prepared to take on a role as a link governor for one curricular area or subject matter in the school, such as health and safety.

• You must read papers in advance of meetings.

• You will act as a link between the parent body and the school.

• You must undertake training with the local authority’s governor support programme.

• You will make at least one official visit a year to the school.

• You may take part in an interview panel on occasion, as required.

• You will need to be supportive and aware of the importance of confidentiality in certain circumstances.


LInk Governors

Governors have oversight of different aspects of our school:



Staff involved

Governor Training

J Mcnamee


HT Performance Management

J Mcnamee, R Lomax, D Forshaw


Health and Well-being

J Mcnamee


Governors Forum

H Tierney


Parish Link

H Tierney





Health and Safety

J Mcnamee

D Rigby, J Chisnall


P Peel

P Mackenzie


L Campbell

P Mackenzie, K Tunstall


H Tierney

K Tunstall


D Forshaw, M Wilson

D Finney, D Rigby


D McGarvey

D Finney




STEM Curriculum Team

P Chapman, R Lomax

M Quinn, D Finney, L Williams

Arts Curriculum Team

J Mcnamee, N Ryan

D Rigby, K Tunstall, S Flaherty

World Curriculum Team

C Chippendale, D Forshaw, H Tierney

P Mackenzie, L Dorries, A Hooton