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Y1 Practical Maths, June 2019

Y1 Practical Maths, June 2019 1
Y1 Practical Maths, June 2019 2

A day in our Reception class

Children line up on the yard at 9.00am and are collected by staff. They go in, to different learning areas in the classroom, chat and share news. Children then take part in either a short collective worship or go to assembly.


Throughout the day children take part in focused carpet activities  where they sing songs, use the interactive smart board and play practical games.


Children also take part in focused activities both inside and outdoors which are lead by a member of staff.


Children have the opportunity throughout the day to go to different areas of learning, both indoors and outdoors. These areas allow children to consolidate and further their learning.  The areas are planned by teachers daily and weekly.


Children in Reception take part in weekly PE and Spanish lessons.  They use computers at various times through the week.


During the morning session each child receives a healthy snack and drink.  We have a fortnightly menu that we follow for snack times. Snack time gives children and adults a chance to develop childrens social skills.  Each afternoon children receive a free piece fruit.


In Reception we encourage children to be social, independent and confident. Our motto in Reception is 'Children learn best when having fun!'

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