Art and Design

Art and Design





Subject Leads: Ms Flaherty, Mrs Rigby and Ms Tunstall
"Art has the role in education of helping children become more like themselves instead of more like everyone else."  Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

 Y1 Autumn  Drawing  Exploring Portraits  Pablo Picasso
 Y1 Spring  Sculpture  Using Clay  Hundertwasser
 Y1 Summer  Colour  Paint, Sand & Rice  Rangoli Patterns
 Y2 Autumn  Drawing  Illustration  J Weston Lewis
 Y2 Spring  Colour  Abstract Art  Beatriz Milhazes
 Y2 Summer  Printing  Clay blocks  Rachel Dein
 Y3 Autumn  Drawing  Cave Drawings  Henry Moore
 Y3 Spring  Sculpture  Clay  Greek Ceramics
 Y3 Summer  Colour  Paint   Henry Rousseau
 Y4 Autumn  Digital Art  Printing  Roman Mosaics
 Y4 Spring  Colour  Water and Movement  Samantha French
 Y4 Summer  Drawing  Light and tone   Johannes Vermeer
 Y5 Autumn  Colour  Pop Art  Roy Lichtenstein
 Y5 Spring  Digital Art  Photography  L S Lowry
 Y5 Summer  Drawing  Responding to music  Wassily Kandinsky
 Y6 Autumn  Colour & Printing  Activism  Banksy
 Y6 Spring  Drawing  Exploration and Discovery  Maria Sybilla Merrian William Morris
 Y6 Summer  Drawing  Photography  Christopher Niemann


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Pictures by Isabel and James, from y6, in the style of William Morris.

Pictures by Amber and Maisey, from Y5, in the style of Andy Warhol.

Pictures by Billy and Scarlett, from Y4, inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.

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