Rainbow Salads
We looked at how to eat a varied diet. We learned lots of new skills preparing our fruit and vegetables for the salad and now understand what sustainability means. 

The Great Parachute Drop
We wanted to investigate whether the size of a parachute would alter the time it took for it to reach the ground. We learned a lot about air resistance and had a lot of fun in the process.

Y5 Matisse 
We have been looking at the French artist, Henri Matisse. We created our own piece of art work by printing and painting paper, cutting it into strips and then using 'cut-outs' to add the finishing touches to our still life.

Y5 Liverpool Trip
We went to visit the Tate gallery and the Museum of Liverpool to learn all about the incredible heritage Liverpool has to offer.

Y5 Cross-curricular Writing
We have covered a range of topics and have always enjoyed the writing about them. Take a look at our amazing displays.

World Book Day



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