Mission Statement


As Christ is our inspiration, we spread the Good News, like St Peter and St Paul, and follow their example in our daily lives. (Christ centred)

We aim to develop the whole child as unique, made in God’s image, through providing high quality education enabling everyone to reach their full potential. (Education)

We aim to be servants in our wider community showing love, forgiveness and respect through our words and actions. (Community)


Christ Centred

 We provide high quality RE through effective teaching of Come and See, Collective Worship, daily prayer, and sacramental and liturgical celebrations.

We encourage our pupils to reflect on their faith and their relationship with God whilst respecting others of different faiths.

We are, in our behaviour and relationships in school, an outstanding role model to our pupils, treating each other with respect, care and a willingness to forgive.



We ensure that our teaching inspires every pupil through thoughtful and exciting activities so that they become independent learners.

We recognise pupils’ achievements and successes to foster an ethos of love, respect and celebration.

We work with the families of our pupils to create positive relationships which are focused on maximising the progress and attainment of all learners.



We build close relationships with our parish in celebrating special occasions of the liturgical year as well as regular celebration of the Eucharist.

We create numerous opportunities for the parish community to visit school in order to create an idea of ‘service’ in our pupils.

We participate in a wide variety of charitable activities and celebrations to build a feeling of empathy within our pupils for the wider global community and it’s needs.

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