Our On-Site School

Our school is now closed.
Most children are to stay at home and use our online "virtual school" resources. Click here for our online school. 

Our school site is now an Emergency Care Facility only, for vulnerable children and children of key workers who cannot make safer alternative arrangements.

We do check work identification badges and a printed or electronic wage slip when a child is first registered with us.

Parents on the 'key worker' list should follow the first principle of keeping their children at home, if it is at all possible. Only send children in if there is no safer alternative. The 'key worker' list is extensive and challenges the process of social distancing and isolation. Over 130 of our children live in families with key workers - fabulous that St Peter and St Paul's families are doing so much for our community but extremely challenging for school under these circumstances.

Many thanks to the key workers who have done all they can to limit their children's time at school already by providing us with detailed shift information.

Uniform is optional  and packed lunches should be brought in by all except those registered with the council as being entitled to a free school meal. Infants not registered, should bring a packed lunch.

Children will complete the work set on the website during the morning and will be provided with other activities in the afternoons. If children need to use another emergency site, we will let you know at the end of each day. On Monday, we will only be using staff from St Peter and St Paul's, this may change, depending on levels of staff absence.

Many of our key workers will be working over the weekend, increasing their shifts and working round the clock. Never before have we appreciated them more. Many thanks to them for everything they are doing to help us and this country through this unprecedented crisis.

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