Pastoral Care

Advice for those who feel worried during these uncertain times.

For parents

Click here for Anxiety UK booklet on how to support your child with anxiety.

Click here for NSPCC booklet on how to deal with stress and anger in the home.

Click here for Social Awareness Blog. Activities related can be found here.

Click here for MIND; useful advice when worried about coronavirus and how it could affect your life.

Click here for NHS Mental Well-beingadvice, including coping with how you may feel while staying at home. 

Click here for Smiling Mind; advice on dealing with the stress, fear and anxiety in uncertain and unpredictable times.  

Click here for NSPCC; advice when worried about a child struggling with mental health or anxiety about coronavirus.

Click here for information on 'digital parenting' from Purple Mash. Find out how to keep your child safe online.

Click here for Anna Freud; the national centre for children and families.

Click here for Parenting through Coronavirus; advice from the Institute of Health Visiting.

Click here for Prevent indicators; signs of vulnerable adults being drawn to extremism or terrorist activity.


For children

Click here for SEL (Social and Emotional learning) Bingo.

Click here for SEL (Social and Emotional learning) Brain Breaks. 

Click here for Playmobil video to help understand what is happening right now and what you can do to help.

Click here for BBC Newsround video about Coronavirus.

Click here for Health for Kids; fun, interactive games and articles to learn about health.

Click here for Childline ways to feel calmer; breathing exercises, activities, games and videos.

Click here for Yoga; mindfulness and relaxation for children.

Click here for Coping Calendar; handy ideas for each day.

Click here for Prevent indicators: signs of children or young people being drawn to extremism or terrorist activity.


Church services online from Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Click here for Mass: each Sunday at 11.00 am


Catholic Resources

Missio: Prayer for those affected by coronavirus God our Father, we pray for those who are suffering, for those who are grieving, for those who are anxious, and for those who are working tirelessly to care for the sick. God our Father, your Son Jesus Christ came into our world to heal us of all division and bring us life in abundance. By the power of your Spirit help us strive together as one family of many nations to help those in greatest need during this crisis. We ask this in the name of Jesus our Risen Lord. Amen.

Click here for Meditation for children from the the Catholic Children’s Society.

Click here for Prayers and other resources from the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

Click here for the Wednesday Word.


Food Parcels

The Free School Meal Vouchers scheme finished on Friday 22nd May. Children's food parcels for the half-term break can be delivered to a child's home by St Helens Together. If this is needed, call 01744 676767, then press option 1 (for food enquiries), then say that the child is eligible for free school meals.

Click here to find out more about food parcels in general.

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