Pastoral Care

Our successful pastoral care programme means that your child is safe, happy, involved and able to perform to their potential.

If you need to discuss any pastoral concerns then please speak to Mr D Finney or Miss S Flaherty.

Free School Meals

The government have advised Local Authorities that the Free School Meal Vouchers currently in place will not be extended to cover the period of the half term holiday this May.

St Helens Together have prepared weekly children's food parcels in lieu of school meals that can be delivered to the pupils home address.

To access this provision families need to call 01744 676767, pressing option 1 for food enquiries, and specify they are eligible for free school meals.

Find out more about the food parcels HERE

Home learning

It can be difficult at the moment to try and teach your child at home. If you are finding some days difficult then have a look through these helpful booklets.

Click here for an Anxiety UK booklet on how to support your child with anxiety.

Click here for an NSPCC booklet on how to deal with stress and anger in the home.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

The topic chosen for this year is kindness, something we can all agree is pretty important in life, right now in particular. Kindness helps bring us together and can act as the glue that binds our communities. By helping our young people see this and encouraging it, we will create a happier, more compassionate world for all of us in the future.

It’s time to celebrate how powerful our kindness is.

Below are some great resources to raise awareness, get us all talking and give us some fresh ideas for how we can show and celebrate our kindness.

Kindness with Zumos – Part of our 70 Day Wellbeing Programme. Today we focus of Kindness.

The Mental Health Foundation - A selection of Mental Health Foundation materials, including some great social media graphics to raise awareness and show support online.

Random Acts of Kindness - A fun site focussing on positive action and experience. All sorts here from virtual tours of the world’s greatest museums, to energetic challenges focussing on this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week topic - Kindness.

Positive Psychology - A whole host of activities for all ages, some fun games and conversation starters all centred around being kind.

Take Action Get Active - Part of the MHF challenge to get active this May. Focussed on the links between physical activity and mental wellbeing. Would make a great virtual challenge or video project.

Time to Change - Some great games, posters and graphics to print and play.

Random Acts of Kindness Lesson Plans - Worth having a look as we are all educators in our home schools, some nice lesson plans and extra ideas to do at home.

Do Good From Home - Some great inspiration on here, lots of great ideas of activities you can do at home as a family to show some kindness to others in the times of pandemic.

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