October 2020

Thursday 22nd October
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Friday 16th October
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Friday 9th October
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Monday 5th October
Payments by parents to school are now through the online system SchoolMoney
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Communications between school and parents need to be by phone or email
We also use the School Spider app. 
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Friday 25th September
Click here for letter to parents from Department of Health and Social Care.

Friday 18th September
Click here fo letter to parents from St Helens Director of Children's Services.

Thursday 10th September
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Click here for information about rise in Covid-19 infections in St Helens, concentrating in Newton/Haydock.

Monday 7th September
Click here for guide on Covid-19 Absences: What to do if.
Click here for letter to parents from St Helens Education Welfare Service.
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Wednesday 2nd September: Update
We are looking forward to seeing every child on Thursday or Friday unless they are unwell or self-isolating.

Every child should wear full school uniform on their welcome day this week. PE does not start until next week.

Anyone who has returned from abroad in the past 14 days: we need to know where you have been. Please ring school to let us know.

Following further government guidance issued on Friday, face coverings may be worn in school by staff. Some of our older children may also wish to do so. Adults dropping off and picking up children from school may also choose to wear face coverings during these busy times, when social distancing is not always easy.

We want to keep our school open as long as possible by preventing any cases of Covid-19. Please do not send your child to school if they are even slightly unwell.
Click here to get a test. Anyone struggling to get a test may ask in school. We do have a limited supply.

We are predicting that children will be absent more often this term as it is difficult to tell whether a child has a cough and cold or coronavirus. If in doubt please keep children at home and get a test.

Please do not approach teachers or school staff to talk to them. Instead, email or ring the school office to pass on information or to arrange a telephone consultation.

Many thanks to everyone for their cooperation.

August 2020
A full return to school in September is expected - our Option C+.
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We are expecting all children to return in September with staggered starts and finishes each day, year group bubbles, additional lunch and break times, desks facing forward, all day cleaners on site, extra hand-washing, strict social-distancing between staff and children and a pattern of days with alternating uniform.

Government advice asks us to remove social distancing between children, implement a no-touching policy and keep class bubbles as separate as possible.

We have procedures in place if someone tests positive at school and in the event of further local or national lockdowns.

We will have an update on Wednesday 2nd September, as there may be further changes by the government before then.

Sibling groups and our new Reception children are due in on Thursday 3rd September for their special ‘welcome back' days. 

Individual children are due in on Friday 4th September. 

Click here for Reception Class arrangements.

Payments by parents to school will be through the online system SchoolMoney from September. Not handling cash will be easier and more cost-effective for our school administration. Parents as well as school will be able to see at a glance what has been paid and what is due. 
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Communications between school and parents need to be by phone or email. We are reducing close interactions between adults whenever possible, and so face to face conversations will only be for emergencies.
We also use the School Spider app. 
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