Why Choose Our School?

Our school is fundamentally rooted in our faith and based around our Catholic principles and Mission

At St Peter & St Paul Catholic Primary School, we ensure that Christ is at the centre of all we do. We are inspired by the words from John’s gospel which said, ‘We have come that they may have life and have it to the full,’ (John 10:10) and we aspire to achieve this aim for all members of our school family through the way we live out our mission statement - Following in the footsteps of St. Peter and St. Paul we love, learn and grow together.

Our school is one family

Every member of staff knows every single child at St Peter & St Paul Catholic Primary School – we are a real community, where we each know the individuals who make up our school family, their age, their siblings and often their parents/carers. We promote belonging, family values and a real sense of collective unity.

We enjoy learning and celebrate our achievements as we support each other every day and aim to excel everything we do.  We aim to make every member of our school family feel loved, valued and respected.  Together in partnership with parents and the wider Church family, we seek to prepare children to live in God’s ways and thrive in the real world.


Our nurturing environment

A key aspect of our Catholic values are based around the values of Respect and Support. This means that children are encouraged to care for and support each other - a skill which they learn for life. Having this family-oriented approach to our learning and play creates a wonderfully positive environment for all.


Our staff

Our team is passionate and highly committed to providing the very best for our children. We have a strong record of high academic achievement and when the time comes, pupils are successfully prepared for the next stage of their education.


Our unique location

We take full advantage of the abundance of open space, fresh air, and wildlife right on our doorstep. Welly walks, nature walks, den building and mini beast discoveries are very much a part of school life!


Our Ofsted report

We are proud of our most recent Ofsted report which rated us as 'Outstanding' (July 2014) and even prouder of the improvements we have made since this inspection.


Our Catholic Education Inspection report

We are also proud of our most recent Catholic Education Inspection report (2019) which rates us as 'Good’ with outstanding features. The inspector commented:

‘The extent to which the pupils contribute to and benefit from the Catholic Life of the school is outstanding… Pupils know and understand their mission, ‘Following in the footsteps of St Peter and St Paul, we love, learn and grow together.’ They actively participate in the Catholic Life and mission of the school and evaluate how they are living by it. On the day of inspection, children expressed that their mission helps them to be one big family.’

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