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St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary School

Following in the footsteps of St Peter and St Paul, we love, learn and grow together.

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Some of our staff:

Picture 1 Ms J Bluck: Business Manager
Picture 2 Mrs Debby Rigby: Headteacher
Picture 3 Mr Paul Mackenzie: Deputy Headteacher
Picture 4 Ms Daffern: Secretary
Picture 5 Ms Moosbally: Office Manager
Picture 6 Ms M Tibbins: TA
Picture 7 Ms A Owens: TA
Picture 8 Ms J Lee: TA
Picture 9 Ms J Talbot TA
Picture 10 Ms J Wainwright: TA
Picture 11 Ms P Collins TA
Picture 12 Ms G Giblin: TA
Picture 13 Ms R Eustace: TA
Picture 14 Ms A Stringfellow: TA
Picture 15 Ms H Davock: TA
Picture 16 Mr J Chisnall: Caretaker
Picture 17 Ms G Roberts: Maternity Leave
Picture 18 Ms C Chippendale: Maternity Leave
Picture 19 Ms K Tunstall: Reception Teacher, Head of KS1
Picture 20 Ms S Flaherty: Y2 Teacher
Picture 21 Ms L Dorries: Y3 Teacher
Picture 22 Mr D Finney: Y5 Teacher, Head of KS2, Safeguarding
Picture 23 Mr M Quinn: Y6 Teacher

Staff List

Head Teacher Mrs D Rigby BA, PGCE, CertEdMan, CCRS, PEH


Chair of the Governing Body Mr J McNamee


Teaching Staff

Mr P Mackenzie BA (Hons) PGCE CCRS

Rec Ms K Tunstall BA (Hons) QTS 

Y1  Ms L Williams BSc (Hons) PGCE QTS

Y2 Ms Flaherty BA (Hons) QTS

Y3 Ms L Dorries BA (Hons) QTS

Y4 Ms A Hooton BA (Hons) QTS

Y5 Mr D Finney BEd (Hons) QTS

Y6 Mr M Quinn BA (Hons) QTS

Ms N Ward BA (Hons) QTS

Ms G Roberts BA (Hons) QTS (maternity leave)

Ms C Chippendale BSc (Hons) PGCE (maternity leave)


Learning Assistants

Ms A Owens

Ms J Wainwright NNEB

Ms H Davock

Ms M Tibbins

Ms G Giblin

Ms J Lee

Ms A Stringfellow

Ms R Eustace

Ms O Letford


Business Manager Ms J Bluck

School Psychologist Ms S Whight

School Nurse Ms K Wall

Kitchen Staff Ms Schonewille (Cook)

Ms J Parr

Ms K Ward

Caretaker Mr J Chisnall

Cleaner Ms A Sweeney

Welfare Assistants

Ms H Fletcher

Ms P Collins

Ms M Tibbins

Ms J Talbot

Ms J Henry

Ms E Cunliffe

Ms N Al-Haideri